One of the fundamentals of good business is making a lasting first impression. You want to make sure that your initial contact with a potential client, partner or employee is memorable and positive. Considering your lobby is the first part of your business that an individual experiences, you should make sure you’re impressing with an awesome lobby sign from AMI Signs. The right lobby sign will ensure people walk into your business and immediately have a positive outlook.

Welcome People

One of the first benefits of a good lobby sign is that it welcomes visitors to your facility. As people walk through your doors, there’s a good chance that they may be anxious or nervous. It’s not always obvious that you’ve found the right building in an office park or similar situation, so a bright, warm lobby sign will make sure people know that they’ve found the right place and that they’re feeling welcome. A welcoming sign will introduce people to your company on a positive note long before you ever get the chance to shake their hand.

Tell Them About Your Business

Similarly, a good lobby sign will let people know what kind of business you are. You can show people your values and the important parts of your business with a well-designed lobby sign. For example, if your business is something along the lines of a law firm or insurance agency, you’ll want a sign that is serious but not dour. And you’ll want strong colors that aren’t too bright. In contrast, if your business is along the lines of a daycare or you’re a pediatrician, you may want to invest in fun signs that are bright and colorful to make kids feel at ease. Your lobby signs should fit your business, show people what you care about and always reinforce your image as a professional in the business.

Keep Up

Another great thing about your lobby sign is that it can show people that you’re keeping up with the curve. You don’t want your business to seem out of date or behind the times. If your lobby sign hasn’t been updated in ten years, you run the risk of looking like your business is falling behind. But a modern sign will assure your visitors that you’re keeping up with the latest methods.

Lobby Signs for You

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