What is the first thing that a visitor sees when they walk into your office space? A 3-D lobby sign will make a positive first impression, while promoting your company’s brand and ensuring visitors that they’re in the right place.



There are a variety of custom materials and finishes for 3-D logos and lobby signs. With your brand’s success in mind, our team will provide the best sign solutions based on your preferences, company’s message, and sign locations.

Some of the most common materials for 3-D letters include acrylic and brushed metal.


3-D acrylic letters are a great way to highlight your company name and logo on your lobby wall. They are light weight and fully customizable in color and size to match your brand requirements and the interior of your lobby.



3-D metal letters provide a professional look for your company name and logo. Often found in legal, financial and medical offices, signs made with metal letters make a lasting impression on your clients. These letters are available in a variety of metals and can have a brushed or polished finish.


If you’re looking for an economical alternative with the same level of professionalism, faux metal letters provide a similar look and feel as solid metal. Hanging on your lobby wall it will look like aluminum or stainless steel; however, it’s really a thin sheet of metal laminated onto acrylic or other material.

3-D cut letters can be mounted directly to your lobby or office wall, including surfaces such as brick, metal, and wood.