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Frequently Asked Questions

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What vehicles do you wrap?

AMI Signs specializes in commercial vehicles of all types.

What is commercial vehicle wrap?
A large wrap covering the full or partial Exterior body of your vehicle. It can be pick-up trucks, box trucks, trailers, all types of vans or other vehicles which are used for commercial usages.
Can I get commercial vehicles wrapped at AMI Signs?
Yes, we can get your commercial vehicles wrapped per your needs.
Are commercial vehicles good for a wrap, or should I resort to cars and SUVs only?
Commercial vehicles like trucks, vans, and trailers are ideal for full or partial wraps. for marketing and branding purposes.
Are vinyl wraps a good option for marketing?
Yes, vinyl wraps can significantly help promote your business and build your brand, turning your vehicle into a billboard on wheels.
Are vinyl wraps good for temporary marketing promotions?
Yes, Vinyl wraps are a good option for short term marketing promotions. You can easily take the wrap off after the promotions and get vehicle’s originality back.
Does AMI Signs provide after-sales services?
We ensure you are 100% satisfied after the wrap is applied.
How long do you need to wrap my car and prepare it for branding?
Usually, a commercial vehicle wrap takes 1-2 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and complexity of the design.
Can you provide me with a business 3-D logo? Is it more attractive?

Yes, a business logo can be designed and provided in 3-D. The 3-D logos are often more attractive to potential audiences and can help your business stand out above your competitors.

I need help with building signs; how can you get me a sign that is good to go on buildings?
We would be happy to survey your building to determine the best location, size and materials for a building sign. We offer illuminated and non-illuminated Building signs, including channel letters and cabinet signs.
Do you offer parking and traffic signs?
Yes, we offer all types of parking and traffic signs. These can range from standard STOP signs to customized parking signs.
Can you provide me with flags, banners, and tents customized per my business branding?
Yes, we can provide customized flags, banners and tents for your business.
My vehicle needs a good design consultation about vehicle graphics. How can AMI Signs help?
AMI Signs offers full design services. Based on your branding requirements and vehicle types, we can create a custom design that works for your company.
After getting signs prepared by you, would I need a third party to install them?
AMI Signs is a full service sign company including installation services.
If a sign you guys provided is damaged, are you up for maintenance?
Yes, provided the scope of damage, we can help you fix or overhaul the signs.
What are your office hours?
AMI signs is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.
Can I wrap leased or rented vehicle?

Yes, you can get a leased or rented vehicle wrapped. The wrap can be taken off easily without damaging the vehicle or its paint.

Are vehicle wraps a cheap marketing strategy?

Vehicle Wraps are more affordable than billboards and traditional marketing. It is a one-time expense that can pay off well.

Does AMI Signs offer vehicle wraps for every vehicle?
Yes, we offer wrap service for commercial vehicles, including vans, SUV, trucks, cars and trailers.
Does AMI Signs provide customization options for vehicle wraps?

Yes, AMI Signs offers full design services, so we can offer full customization options.

I want a partial wrap; can you provide it?
Yes, we can provide full wraps, partial wraps, and lettering. We offer multiple options as per your needs.
I have a fleet of business vehicles. Can AMI Signs help me with quality results for all vehicles?

AMI Signs offers professional design services and has helped multiple businesses wrap their fleets. We can adapt the design to work for every vehicle in your fleet.

What interior office signs are offered by AMI Signs?
AMI Signs provides a diverse range of interior signs, including, but not limited to, lobby, directional, and ADA-compliant signs. We also offer all types of window and wall graphics.
I want customized interior office signs per my business branding needs. Can you provide it?

Yes, we can provide customized interior designs per your business needs.

Can you provide braille office signs?

Yes, we can help with ADA-compliant office signs. We ensure they are effectively crafted and helpful in the long run.

Do you provide window graphics How is it different than normal graphics?
Yes, we provide a variety of window graphics Window graphics can be contour cut vinyl graphics, fully opaque graphics, or perforated vinyl graphics. Perforated graphics display your branding and marketing messages when viewed from the outside; and are see-through from the inside.
I need a customer banner for my business launch. Can you provide multiple banners with different dimensions?

Yes, we can provide you with as many banners as you require. They can vary in size and shape We offer vinyl banners and mesh banners.

I need retractable banners that could go with multiple expo centers and help in brand recognition.

We understand the importance of a one-time investment for retractable banners. We can get you covered and ensure your banners are used over time without losing the color or malfunctioning.

I want signs for my business branding, but I don’t know how the permits work. Is there something you can help with?

We understand business owners may need help handling permits and paperwork, so we offer sign permit services. We ensure that relevant departments are consulted before Installing Signs and that there are no hassles left for you.

Can you provide a dedicated graphic designer to help with business branding and consultation?

Yes, a dedicated graphics designer could be consulted for the branding of your business.

What is the best way to get in touch with AMI Signs?

You can fill in the Contact us form on the website, Call us, or stop by Our Office.

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