Lobby Signs –  One of the fundamentals of good business is making a great first impression. 

You work to make sure your initial contact with a potential client, partner, or employee is memorable and positive. Your suit is pressed and you have your best smile on.

And yet, if a business connection is coming to your office or retail space, the first thing they’ll see isn’t your neatly pressed pants… but the entrance of your business. Like a weak handshake in an introduction, a poorly made lobby sign will leave clients feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed as they walk through your door. 

In comparison, an impressive sign will ensure visitors enter your business and immediately form a positive opinion and outlook… which may come in handy if any business deals or selling is in your near future.

Let them know they’re in the right place

First things first, a lobby sign welcomes visitors to your business. People often become anxious walking into new places, especially if it’s not clearly marked. It’s not always obvious that you’ve found the right building in a busy shopping center or office park, so a bright, friendly interior sign will let visitors know that they’ve found the right place and are welcome to enter.

Tell them about your business!

Through well-designed interior signage, customers and clients can get to know exactly what your company is all about. You don’t have to be limited to just your name and logo on a wall, you can share your company values… key products you have to offer… the possibilities are yours. 

Brand-relevant graphics can go a long way: if your business is a bakery, capture the interest of sweet tooths with a mouthwatering chocolate cupcake hanging on your wall right as they walk in.

The materials, finish, and color of your sign can tell a lot about your business. If you own a law firm, a sophisticated metal-finished lobby sign might suit your practice best. In contrast, if you own a daycare you may want to invest in fun signs that are bright and playful. Your interior sign should fit your brand, exemplify what you care about, and always reinforce your professionalism.
Lswg - Custome Plaque

Think outside of the box

Graphics and colors can go a long way for your business’s interior décor; however, we’ve noticed more and more that companies who think outside the box (say, unconventional material or unique artwork) really shine. So, don’t limit your signage to what you’ve seen before, instead, embrace your brand message and use your imagination!

One of our favorite lobby signs can be seen to the left, where the majority of the sign is made from actual moss. It captures the marketing agency’s fresh, modern approach to design and web development, and it definitely draws attention! We had never considered making a sign out of moss, but when they approached us with the idea, we were delighted to work out a way it could be done.

Get yourself a successful lobby sign

Having the best lobby sign in the biz will mean your business is always making a great first impression. If you’re interested in purchasing or updating your lobby sign, AMI Signs is here to take your first impression to the next level. We pride ourselves on providing the very best for our customers, both in sign quality and communication. With AMI Signs, you know your signs will always hit the mark. Give us a call at 301-682-2349 or email us at info@amisigns.com to get the project started.

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