Flags, Banners & Tents


Creating motion can be the springboard your display needs to get people to come to your trade show display, storefront, or other buildings. Our Banners and Flags are custom-made to bring awareness to your brand while catching eyes with their movement and colors. Outdoors, our Flags and Banners can make a dramatic effect when they catch a breeze. Indoors, they still have more movement and motion than the typical signage used for displays.

We offer complete customization in our products. This means you can stick with a more basic rectangle shape, or think outside the box with a custom shape. We use special materials and textures to achieve the look our customers envisioned without sacrificing quality or ease of use. We tailor make our products to fit your needs, whether you are looking for a permanent outdoor fixture or a one-time banner for a trade show.


How Banners and Flags Increase Display Impact

  • The colors and level of contrast can make a huge impact on your visibility. Choosing cooler colors gives a more professional feel while warmer colors grab more attention and can appear more approachable. Depending on your needs, our in-house Graphic Design team can help you choose which colors will best communicate your brand.
  • Even the most intelligent exhibitors often overlook the importance of movement in a display. Using demonstrations and projecting animations or videos can keep an audience’s attention, but they are not typically large enough to bring people in from longer distances. Banners and Flags help bring your audience to you.
  • Quick Information – With the right design, potential customers will know what services you offer, your company name, and even the tone of your brand before ever talking to you. This helps bring the conversation to the important aspects of your products or services, making shorter but more meaningful interactions.