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Unlike other business signage solutions, Trade Show Displays are designed with a high level of competition in mind. It takes more than simply standing out to make a big impression at a trade show, since everyone is there for the same reason. Instead, there needs to be a focus on engagement. At AMI Signs, our goal is to create engaging signage that brings customers to your trade booth so you can focus on explaining your products or services and less time on getting people to notice you.

Trade Show Display
Trade Show Display

Options in Displays

Retractable Banners. These signs are simple yet effective. They have natural motion since they are made with fabric but are customizable to fit your brand’s needs. They can be customized for individual products or made to reflect your overall brand.
Tents. Tents can help to create a home-away-from-home for your storefront. This allows customers to walk into your location, even as you are miles away, and give a more complete experience of your brand.
Tabletop Displays. Whether you are creating signage that communicates what you have to offer or set up games passersby can play, having a tabletop display will make your trade booth more interactive. By involving the viewer in your display, they will be more likely to stop and even more likely to stay once they stop by.

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