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Customize, Protect and Impress: Expert Vehicle Wraps Unleashed

Your vehicles need a new branding look, but you want to avoid going all out with expensive paint? We’ve got you covered. Top-notch vinyl vehicle wraps are your new companions. The premium quality and ready-to-use vinyl wraps have dozens of color options and design modifications. You can use these to enhance your business messages and establish top-notch branding for your company/business.

Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wraps

It is time you adapt to the modern-day trend and use customized vinyl wraps for your vehicles to get a new look and save money. Whether you own a car, truck, van, or SUV, the vinyl wraps have your business branding covered.

Why vinyl vehicle wraps for your business?

Gone are the days of traditional media marketing. Nowadays, we all are living in a 2-second attention span world. People are attracted to what they resonate with.

  • Branding is a key to successful business execution. And what else is better than having a brand message moving on roads?
  • If you have a fleet of vehicles, Vinyl vehicle wraps can improve your conversions with this marketing strategy. Now, your company’s vehicle can handle logistics and enhance marketing.
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps provide a shiny, glossy, attractive look for your brand message. The bright finishing ensures that your business message stands out and people learn more about your business.
  • Vinyl vehicle wraps help you to cover your vehicle with an additional layer of protection. It comes in handy with harsh weather climates, excessive rain pours, and snowfalls.

Our premium vehicle wraps.

Our top-quality vinyl wraps come with multiple color options. Moreover, we can have you covered with a glossy look and matte finish. For instance, a glossy finish would be suitable if you have an entertainment-based business. Likewise, if you are into luxury-based business, a classy matte finish would be helpful to impart your business message.
We offer top vinyl wraps from well-known brands. We do not compromise on quality. We understand the importance of branding for your business. That is why we ensure you get a long-lasting vinyl wrap that takes care of your marketing needs for a long time.

Customized wrap designs for your business needs

We understand that every business requires different wraps on their vehicles. Some want a full-body wrap, while others want a partial vinyl wrap. Keeping customized business needs in mind, we can assist with the options listed below.

Full vehicle wrap

Full vehicle wrap covers all your vehicles and sends an impactful message to your business. It is helpful with vans and carriage trucks. The bigger the car, the more significant the impact of branding. One must recognize the importance of branding on the road. Moreover, it protects the vehicle’s original paint and helps in longevity.

Partial vehicle wrap

If you want to cover only some of your vehicles with advertisements, this is for you. Partial vehicle wraps come in handy with daily-use vehicles. You can cover your vehicle’s front and back with your brand name, logo, message, and contact details.

Doors wrap only

It is a simple yet effective mode of branding. The door is perfect for placing your logo and contact details. It is an excellent approach to advertise and be visible even when parked. It also helps keep the vehicle’s originality intact and assists with branding.

How long does the vehicle wraps last?

The optimal life span of vinyl vehicle wraps is 5-7 years. If taken good care, the life span can increase a little more. Since the vehicles are primarily business-use vehicles, they must be on roads. You cannot avoid the harsh sunlight. Professional assistance can help in enhancing the life span. Moreover, the vinyl wraps can protect the paint of your business vehicle and save you money anyway. Vinyl wraps are cost-effective and easy to replace and update, unlike paint jobs that take a heavy toll on your pocket.

AMI Signs is your undisputed help for vinyl wrap solutions.

We do not provide just the vehicle wrap; we cover your branding and advertising needs. Our top-notch wraps help you stand out from your competitors and shine like a star in the business world. Be it cars, vans, SUVs, or trucks, we have the expertise and experience to take care of it and improve your branding. We are readily available to help you out. Drop your queries or contact us for vehicle wrap solutions and a practical marketing outlook.


How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

The costs vary from style to style; if you want a full vehicle wrap, it costs somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000. But if you go for a partial wrap, it could reduce significantly.

Is the vehicle wrap a business asset or expense?
Like the vehicle, it is a depreciable asset, and the expenses can be written off gradually.
Can vehicle wrap help small businesses?
Small businesses can benefit from this one-time cost and have advertisements done for 5-7 years.
How do I find a vehicle wrap service near me?
You can seek help from friends and family or check out local registries, YELP, and GMB listings.
What are the vehicle wrap maintenance expenses?
Unlike paint jobs, there are no touch-up expenses. It is a one-time expense; maintenance usually requires keeping the wrap clean from dust.
How effective are vehicle wraps for advertising?

Roughly, you can bring your business into the eyes of almost 30-50 thousand people daily, depending on the population of your city.

What is the best vehicle for business wrap?

Every vehicle you utilize for business is suitable for vehicle wrap and branding your business. Whether you have a car or a truck, an SUV, or a van, all of them can be handy.

My vehicles are old; can vehicle wraps still help me in branding?
Yes, if your vehicle is up and running, it can carry the vehicle wrap and serve as an advertising tool for your company.

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