Trade show banners are much more than just a way to display your company brand and logo. While showing potential customers your logo is important, trade show banners need to deliver an important message.

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3 Tips for Creating Impactful Trade Show Banners

The following three tips can help you produce a high-impact trade show banner that not only displays your brand for customers who already know you, but introduces new customers and clients to your core beliefs, values, and services.

1. Keep it Simple

Trade show banners need to portray an important message, but they also need to be simple. People won’t spend much time looking at a banner during a show, so everything on it should be carefully chosen to have as much impact as possible.

As well as your logo, consider adding some key notes about the services or products you offer. Use as few words as possible, and keep the design simple.

2. Eye-Catching Images

It is possible to incorporate eye-catching images into simple designs. Bold, bright, and eye-catching images will draw the attention of people who otherwise wouldn’t notice a banner that contains only text.

Images should relate directly to your brand. Whether they are photographs of your products, your team, or relevant scenes, they should be carefully placed in such a way that they do not distract from text.

Draw them in with a picture, and keep them interested with text!

3. Contact Details

A trade show banner is not complete without your contact details. Anybody who is unable to speak to you during the event can use your contact details to speak to you later on. Anyone you meet can also take your email address and social media handles to find out more about your company in the future.

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