According to the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) regulations, each building and facility should provide parking options for people with handicapped disabilities. Signs that define the parking space are mandatory in most states, and that is why business and facility owners need to consider proper signage solutions.

By putting the handicapped accessible parking signs, you comply with regulations and help your visitors feel more comfortable. Here are the most important details about this kind of signs.

Consider the Number of Parking Spaces

If your object provides specific number of parking spaces, you should consider the number of handicapped accessible parking signs. Visitors must be aware of the exact location of the special parking spaces. Therefore, you should place the signs on the proper distance and apply the visible directions. The number of signs will be defined by the overall parking capacity.

Design Regulations Are Important

There are certain rules for the sign design. The lower edge should be minimum 5 feet above the ground. Improved visibility is adequate for both enforcement officials and motorists. At the same time, most lift-equipped vehicles drivers will notice the sign almost immediately. Their awareness of the sign is the most relevant, especially in moments when a disabled person needs fast assistance, which is the case in medical urgency.

Beside the 5-feet rule, the van-accessible spaces must be defined by the signs that contain “van-accessible” phrase. This way, you ensure that the space is reserved for van.

Ask For Professional Advice

It is important to get familiar with regulations in your state. In most situations, you need to put the exact phrase and color combination. However, the details like additional instructions or design variations are a matter of your choice. With this in mind, you should consider the signage company that is able to design and make the sign for you.

The professionals at AMI Signs are educated to provide full assistance in signage solutions. We will meet with you and define all design options that will be ideal for your specific preferences. After that, we combine the most innovative production processes in order to fabricate the sign.

Applying the right phrases and colors will be part of official regulations, so you can be sure that your signs meet the standards. At the end, we provide the installation and maintenance.

With AMI Signs, you can be sure that your parking area will be adequately marked, with attention to the needs of people with disabilities.

For more information, you can contact us at 301-682-2349 or send an email to info@localhost.

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