With its few words, a sign can say a lot about your company. An ordinary business can generate an extraordinary income just by placing an attractive sign in a smart location. It’s vital then to make additional efforts in designing the signage and give it maximum visibility. You cannot do that alone. You need a professional with a wide experience in this sector.

We give you below some tips that we apply in our work of designing signage that attracts.

1. Use Readable Fonts

In a desperate attempt to make their signs more creative, many businesses make the mistake of using illegible fonts. It may seem appealing at first, but it will not deliver the intended message.

Be sure to use a source, which is legible, without exaggeration.

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2. Increase the Size

The ease of reading a sign is proportional to the size of the text placed on it. A massive board with giant letters will be visible even from a far distance.
Do not compromise the font size when it comes to attracting your final customers.

3. Use Contrasting Color Combinations

The way you use colors on the bulletin board can significantly affect your business. The perfect color combination of text and background can vary according to your test. Various signs are designed for appealing colors so that they are visually stunning.

4. Use Words That Connect With People

When you’re writing a message for your sign, make sure it connects with your client’s heart. That can be done by adding your slogan to the signboard.

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5. Check Your Design

After creating the final design, you can hang it in the window of your business. That way, you will check the level of visibility and attractiveness before exposing it for people to see it. You can ask your staff, and even your friends, to test the visual appeal of the sign.

6. Add an Image

To add fun elements to your sign, insert an exciting image in combination with the name of your brand. A fascinating legend to match the image will further improve the level of commitment, which will directly boost the popularity of your brand.

AMI Signs

Considering all these things, it’s inevitable to resort to a renowned signage service provider, who will offer not only the best quality designs but also advice on the placement of the sign.

AMI Signs provides beautiful business signage. If you need our help, contact us today, and you will get a sign that has all the amazing features we have discussed above.

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