The use of the right color in business signage is very important. In fact, it will determine if you will get customers or not. Having a perfect blend of colors is vital to communicate effectively and convey your message to the viewers of your signs. To achieve that, here are some tips to help you choose the right sign color scheme:

Know the Meaning of Colors

Every color is connected and associated with a particular meaning, thoughts, and feeling. So, it’s important for you to understand the meaning and significance of each color. Knowing this will help you communicate your message to people and give your signs a purpose. Due to that, let us take time and look at some of the common colors and their meaning:

Dangerous Red

In most cases, the colour red is associated with danger. It is used mostly to raise alarm and stimulate the mind of the readers and awaken their senses. That is why it is used in most warning and stop signs.

When used in a business environment, red is known to increase the appetite of the viewers. That’s why it is mostly used in food processing companies.

Note that this color should not be overused because it makes people panic. 

Cheerful Yellow

Most experts agree that yellow colour brings cheerful and warm feelings. It is used in places that give solace to people. The bad thing about it is that it’s not visible when mixed with white color. When using this color, make sure you apply a background that matches it. 

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Innocent White

White is known as the color of purity and innocence. It is used mostly in firms and companies that sell medicine and peace-giving organizations. It is a sign of surrender. Once used, it shows that you have peace giving products like medicinal drugs.

Consider the Contrast

Different colors can be used for different applications, but the most important thing is the contrast. Always have good contrast between the text color and background color. If the combination is poor, the message on the sign will not be seen.

That is why AMI Signs is here to help you with all your signage needs and color choices. We are in this industry for a long time and know all the tricks of the trade. Contact us for professional support.

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