When it comes to a bold display, there are a number of signage options for you to choose from. Some signs, however, can combine the eye-catching qualities of normal signs and combine them with structural designs that are guaranteed to get your business noticed. Monument signs combine these graphic and architectural designs to create a dignified and beautiful look for your business. Monument signs are more than just pretty, though. Monument signs can be used to display important information or even serve as a wayfinding device. All of this makes monument signs by AMI Signs are a great option for your business signage.

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An Eye-Catching Combo

The combination of structure and graphics make signs an excellent choice. This combination of architecture and graphic design leads to a sign that will turn the heads of motorists and pedestrians alike. Not only does this combination provide a breathtaking display, but it gives you a number of customizable options. When it comes to this type of signage, you can customize the look and colors of the sign itself. But you can also choose from a number of materials and designs for the base too. This means you get the perfect combination to represent your business.

A Multi-Purpose Tool

Monument signs also serve different purposes depending on how you customize them. For example, if you opt to use an LED readerboard for your monument sign, you’ll be able to change your message as often as you like. This gives you unlimited advertising potential. You can use this type of signage to update your community with important messages, advertise sales or even just provide local weather. And no matter what options you choose, monument signs make excellent wayfinding devices. Because these signs are so stunning, people will remember them. When you use these signs at your location, people will easily be able to recall where you’re located. You can even use your monument signs when giving directions to your location too.

24-Hour Recognition

Monument signs are a highly noticeable signage option. You can add lighting to these signs to ensure they’re visible even at night too. With an illuminated monument sign, people will continue to become familiar with your name and your brand as they drive by your location at any hour. You’ll get 24-hour advertising with an illuminated monument sign.

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Monument Signs for Your Business

If you’re interested in a sign that combines functionality with awesome style, you should consider a monument sign. Contact our expert team today to discuss your monument sign options!

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