Spring is upon us, and now is the time many households dedicate to decluttering their homes. Whether you’re dying to get rid of the 47 winter coats you’ve somehow accumulated, or that workout bike you haven’t used since college, there’s no doubt a good yard sale is the way to go.

But how do you make sure your sale goes off without a hitch? Here are our five best tips.

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5 Smart Yard Sale Tips

Regardless of whether you’re a sale pro or a newbie hosting your first event, these five tips will help you ensure the most productive and lucrative day possible:

1. Post Yard Signs

Even if you have the best yard sale goodies in the world, nobody will be able to find you without good signage. With this in mind, post yard signs a few days before the sale.
These signs should advertise the sale, its date and time, your address, and anything else people need to know to find you. Have some yard signs printed with AMI Signs, and display them in prominent places where people can see them.

2. Price Fairly

Price your items too high, and you’ll drive bargain-shoppers away. Price them too low, though, and you’ll only cheat yourself out of money you could be making. If you’re having trouble pricing your items, consider their age, wear level, and price when new. This should help guide you to a reasonable asking amount.

3. Prepare Early

Great planning ensures a good yard sale. As such, it’s important to get your ducks in a row ahead of time. Instead of scrambling to assemble all your items at the last minute, spend the days and weeks before your yard sale pulling aside things to sell, adding price stickers, and sorting items by category and type. When the big morning comes, arrange them so people can browse easily and find exactly what they’re looking for.

4. Ask for Help

Lots of people underestimate how time-consuming a yard sale can be. Instead of attempting to go it alone, ask for help. A child, partner, or family member will be invaluable to help you handle money, get sold items into bags, and pack up at the end of the day.

5. Have a Plan for Unsold Items

To prevent unsold items from cluttering your home once more, have a plan for what you’ll do with them. Ideally, they’ll go in a box and head straight to goodwill. You may also choose to give some of the items away or donate them to friends or family members in need.

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Yard Signs: The Top Tip for Successful Sales

While heeding these tips will help you enjoy a successful sale, one pointer stands out: yard signs. Without great yard signs, people can’t find your sale or your items. To get your yard sale signs today, contact AMI Signs, your trusted local professional for outdoor signage and graphics.

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