Vehicle graphics are a cost-effective and perfect way to advertise your company anywhere 24/7. Vehicle wrapping is growing in popularity over painting because of better materials and lower costs and the ability to revert back to your original paint with ease.

Vehicle graphicsnot only provide high visibility for your business, but they also promote brand professionalism. Whether you are delivering products from one point to another, traveling around for appointments and meetings, or ferrying staff and clients to their homes, your company vehicles provide a perfect opportunity for you to promote your brand visibility.

In order to create the best and most captivating vehicle graphics, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Vehicle graphics shouldn’t detract from the business message.
  • Graphics should compliment your business image.
  • Graphics used should match the color and shape of your vehicle.
  • The text used should be legible and readable.

Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Custom commercial vehicle graphics allow you to effectively market your business every day and everywhere you go. For businesses that use multiple vehicles, promotional ad wraps can assist in getting the word out about your brand wherever you go. Vinyl wraps can also be used on corporate and commercial vehicles to promote your business as well as improve customer perception.

Custom branded company vehicles also increase customer confidence in your ability to professionally and expertly perform services. Companies that offer delivery services, contractors, exterminators, landscapers as well as cable and internet installation companies can greatly benefit from vehicle graphics especially when the vehicles are used to travel to customers’ homes.

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Perfecting Your Designs

Studies show that at least 97 percent of people remember ads that are placed on commercial vehicles. Professional vehicle graphic designers can assist you with a complete design and ensure that you have a layout that is attractive, brand cohesive, and one that matches the color and shape of your vehicle.

It is important to create vehicle graphics that are clean and those that quickly highlight your brand’s most important features without including so much information. The design phase also involves figuring out the exact design specification which includes color changes and types of graphics. You can either use individualized graphics, full or partial wraps depending on your needs.

Fabrication and Installation

This phase involves the selection of materials such as vinyl wraps that are needed to fabricate the chosen designs. It is crucial that all your wraps and graphics are produced in one place to give you full control over the entire process.

Contact AMI Signs for all your vehicle branding needs. Our experienced and talented staff will take care of the design, fabrication, and installation of vehicle graphics to ensure that you are not only satisfied but you also stand out.

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