If you want to earn extra money just for transforming your car into an advertising campaign over four wheels, this is the moment to take the decision. We’ll tell you why.

Car Advertising Boom

This is quite a new business niche, so this is the moment to form part of it obtaining the best profits. You can expect to get between 200 dollars and 400 dollars, depending on the brands and on the part of the car you decide to cover: panel, partial, or full.

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Reasons for choosing this income option:

  • Easy: the process from the moment to make the decision until you start driving your car with the ads on it is very quick and easy. Besides, the task is very simple.
  • Good fun: who wouldn’t even pay to be able to drive all day long? You can get to those parts of the city where you never go if you’re hurried to get to a boring workplace.
  • You don’t depend on any company: yes, you sign a contract, but it expires soon and you’re free again to choose the same brand or other than can pay you better.
  • It’s cheap for big brands: you receive good money for it, but for big companies, this way of advertising is very cheap, which means you’ll get a lot of options to choose from.

Requirements to get money for driving publicity in your car:

  • Being 18 years old or older.
  • Having car insurance.
  • Keeping the ad on the car for all the time stipulated in the contract. 
  • Having a GPS.
  • Having a clean driving record.
  • Agreeing to drive a minimum amount of kilometers a week.

Wrapping options to advertise on your car:

  • Panel: In this choice, only your car door has the publicity ad.
  • Partial: You cover only the most strategic and visible parts of your car. Don’t worry, the wraps are safe and don’t damage your car paint. The wrap the designers make fits your car perfectly well.
  • Full vehicle wrap: You choose which brand to spread all over your car and when the contract finishes, you can have it removed if you want.
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Make your dream come true

Do you want to make your dream of receiving money for advertising on your car?

Contact AMI Signs, a serious and creative company that offers much more than sign designs. Let us give you the best option for your vehicle and your budget. The best brands are waiting for you to take them for a ride… and they pay very well!