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Safety & ADA Signs

Staying within the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t mean having extra signage. Instead, the signage you already have or plan to create needs to meet certain criteria. At AMI Signs, we take the law seriously. We work with our clients to ensure all signage meets these needs without putting an extra burden on their budget.

The safety signs you already have can be created with ADA regulations in mind, helping visitors navigate your building and avoid hazardous while keeping the limitations of those with visual impairments in mind.

Options in ADA and Safety Signs

  • ADA Markers. Tactile signage should feature Braille II dots with symbol displays and proper color contrasts along with the correct font choices. Things such as how tall letters are and how much kerning is applied can help address these issues without sacrificing good design.
  • Suite Signs. Rooms with a designated, permanent use should be labeled in an easy-to-read format. Such rooms include departments, restrooms, cafeterias, and offices.
  • Safety Signs. If there is an imminent danger or hazard, or there are specifics as to how to stay safe in an area, you are legally required to label them as such. Examples include needing a hard hat in a construction area or watching for falling debris.