Decals and Vinyl Lettering

On a budget? Small businesses need to watch every penny when it comes to their marketing strategy. If a small business already has a car or truck that is used for the company, it makes good sense to put the company information on that vehicle. This not only gets the name of the brand out there, but it makes the company look more professional. However, not every company can afford a full vehicle wrap.

At AMI Signs, we understand being a small business as a local business ourselves. We work with clients on their projects to ensure they are within their budget while getting the most out of their vehicle.

Tips for Decals and Vinyl Lettering

  • Keep it Simple. A good design is simple yet eye-catching. By keeping a few important things in mind, such as a logo and a phone number, you can put the exact information a potential client needs on your vehicle without wasting space.
  • Be Concise. Similar to keeping it simple, being concise has a bigger focus on the wording rather than design. Since you only have so much space, it makes sense to keep messaging short. Don’t say more on a vehicle than you would in a tweet.
  • Let Them Find You. If the person who sees your vehicle can’t find your company, you might as well not have put the decals on the vehicle. Make finding your company as easy as possible for a higher return on investment.