If you’re in the market for signage, you’ve probably thought about the way you want your signs to look, what you want them to say and where you want them to be place. But you probably haven’t thought about the permits required to make sure your sign looks the way you want them to and are place where you need them. Sign permitting can be a difficult process, so you need to make sure that you’re working with a professional team like ours at AMI Signs.

Some Complications

Not all communities are held to the same rules and regulations when it comes to signage. This can be one of the major hurdles to overcome when it comes to your sign permitting. A business in one town may be able to secure a permit quickly and easily, but in the next town over, the process may take weeks and the signs may need to meet exacting standards.

Historic Areas

If your business is located in a historic area, you may be subject to these more complicated rules and regulation. Historic neighborhoods often try to maintain their history. That means trying to maintain the look and feel of their history in their businesses and homes. So, your signs will have to meet these standards. We can make sure that your signs meet these requirements and we’ll work with local officials to get you the proper permits. Often, carved and sandblasted signs, which have a traditional, rustic look, are an option that works in these areas.

Residential Areas

If your business is located in a residential area, you may run into similar problems. In areas with a lot of homes, the height, placement and illumination of your signs can be limited. No one wants a lighted sign shining right into their bed room window, blocking the sun from their back yards or running their views of their neighborhood. So, residential areas might also need particular types of signs or at least signs designed to meet these requirements. We can make your signs so they work in your area and work for you and we’ll get those complicated permits.