You can’t just wake up one morning and erect a building or monument sign. There’s a procedure that must be followed and requirements that must be met. There may be slight or significant variations in the requirements and processes when you move from one state or country to another. Therefore, don’t assume that the procedures and conditions that apply in your state are also applicable in other states.

The following is a general city permitting procedure for building and monument signs:

1. Permit Application

Any application for a building and/or monument sign city permit must be made through a standard application form. It’s structured to obtain all information needed to process the permit. The information should either be printed in ink or typewritten professionally and legibly and ought to include the following:

  1. Duly completed application that consists of the property owner’s signature as well as the qualifier’s signature. Both signatures should be notarized.
  2. Correct address with the suite, bay number, and space number.
  3. Right legal description and correct folio number
  4. Permit type requested must also be indicated.
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2. Information Needed On Plans

All plans must be presented professionally and in observance of the applicable building codes. Sufficient legibility of plans, as well as the scale details, is necessary.

3. Dual Set of Plans Needed

Applicant must present both job and office copies. Each set must bear stamps at the back with the applicable state’s disapproval stamp or approval stamp (as the case may be) available at the city permit desk. Additionally, each set should be duly marked as Job copy and Office copy. The job address, as well as the process number, should be indicated at the back.

4. Requirements For Different Types of Signs

An applicant must provide comprehensive building elevations, including:

  • general sign and building dimensions,
  • construction data
  • details of structural and electrical signs
  • sign copy and building orientation (North, South, East, West).

5. Photographs

An original and good-quality photograph of the proposed building and/or monument sign. The photo should be attached to the Job copy and Office copy.

6. Process Number

The process number can be obtained from permit clerks. Permit numbers for more than one sign for the same location ought to be kept as one package.

7. Status of Plans

To check the status of processing, applications can physically visit the permit offices, make phone calls, send emails, or visit the website while armed with the process number.

8. Pick Up

Applicants can pick up duly completed plans from the permit offices. Reworks cannot be executed as walk-throughs if plans are disapproved.

9. Inspections

Site inspections must be carried out for all building and monument signs. It’s illegal to erect signs if the applicant’s site hasn’t been duly inspected by accredited officers.

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