For a vehicle enthusiast, a car or truck is not just a transporting machine. It has the potential to be so much more. Your vehicle is a statement, a potential work-of-art and an extension of your personality, and a useful piece of advertising for your business. If you are looking to revamp your vehicle and make it stand out compared to other vehicle to use it to advertise and market your business then you should get your vehicle wrapped with a high-quality and attractive wrap in Frederick, MD. However, there are several things that you need to consider before getting the perfect wrap for your vehicles.

8 Things to Consider Before Wrapping Your Commercial Vehicle

If you are thinking of getting your vehicle wrapped for the first time, then there are bound to be some apprehensions, understandably. Hence, we have compiled this comprehensive list of things you should consider before getting your vehicle wrapped. It will provide important information on vehicle wraps and help you make a more informed choice. Thus, helping your business make the right decision.

Types of Vehicle Wraps in Frederick, MD

Depending on the purpose of your vehicle wrap, you can choose between two options. First is the paint protection film (PPF). Such a wrap is a thin transparent film covering your vehicle to protect the vehicle’s original paint. These typically last around ten years with good maintenance. On the other hand, you have vinyl wraps that have a lifespan of about five years and provide you with a lot more creative freedom. Vinyl wraps also do a decent job of protecting your vehicle’s original paint.

Recheck Your Vehicle’s Warranty

Do not make this rookie mistake. Before getting your vehicle wrapped, read your vehicle’s warranty if you still have it. Checking your vehicle’s warranty before wrapping is vital because some companies nullify your warranty if you get your vehicle wrapped. So, make sure to double-check before going through the process. Alternatively, you can contact your manufacturer’s customer support to confirm whether wrapping your vehicle violates their warranty.

The Cost of Wrapping Your Vehicle

You need to understand what kind of cost wrapping will entail. Vehicle wrapping can be expensive, depending on your budget and requirements. In general, the cost of a vehicle wrap depends on several factors described below.

  • The kind of wrap that you opt for
  • The level of expertise required to install the vehicle wrap
  • The size of the vehicle in question.

The minimum cost of an installation can be anywhere between $2000 and $3000.

Maintaining Vehicle Wraps in Frederick, MD

Many people believe that vehicle wraps don’t need much maintenance, and nothing could be further from the truth. Vehicle wraps require some upkeep to ensure that they look their best. Hence, you might want to protect your wrap from unnecessary wear and tear through regular cleaning and waxing. Make sure you do not use any rough or abrasive products while cleaning your vehicle for best results. Simple things like regular cleaning and avoiding harsh driving conditions can make your wrap last longer!

Choosing a Reliable Vehicle Wrap Service

A vehicle wrap will not install itself, and chances are you do not have the tools and equipment to do it yourself, either. Hence, you must employ a reliable vehicle wrap service to get the wrapping done. However, not all vehicle wrapping services are the same. So, make sure you talk to folks and ask for references to see if the wrap service knows what they’re doing. Hopping onto social media for advice can also be an excellent way to find the best vehicle wrap service in Frederick, MD.

Setting Expectations

Many people think of wraps as some magic product that will cover dents and other damage to the vehicle. Setting such expectations will only lead to disappointment because vehicle wraps don’t do that. To apply a vinyl vehicle wrap, your vehicle’s surface needs to be spotless because if there are significant aberrations, the wrap will not stick properly, making the underlying problems evident. So, it is best to get your vehicle repaired, detailed and thoroughly washed before handing it in for wrapping. A poorly wrapped vehicle will not have the advertising impact that you, as a business, desire.

Learn what it takes to remove a Vehicle Wrap

Yes, vehicle wraps are reversible, but it is more challenging than changing clothes. If at any point you want to remove your wrap and change it with a new one, you should know that it is possible, but the removal can cost you according to the condition of the wrap. If the wrap is intact, taking it off can take around four hours. If the wrap is not appropriately maintained and starts breaking away, it can take a lot more time and add to your overall cost of removing it.

Get Vehicle Wraps in Frederick, MD!

These are some things you should consider before wrapping your vehicle. If you are looking for an excellent commercial vehicle wrap service in Frederick, MD, contact AMI Signs today. At AMI Signs, we provide seamless vehicle wrapping for all our customers!

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