Vehicle wrapping is becoming an exciting avenue for businesses to market and advertise their brand, products, and services. According to 3M, a study in 2019 reported that shop owners estimated an increase of 60% in wrap sales, which testifies to the fact that vehicle graphics and wrapping are becoming popular across the board. However, interestingly, about 54% of all small business owners used their vehicles for advertising purposes, and of those, many used magnetic signs rather than vehicle wraps. Only in 2020, more than 7 million units of vehicle wraps were sold, making commercial vehicle wrapping an incredibly popular medium for advertisers.

Why Should You Invest in Vehicle Wrapping Advertising as a Small Business Owner?

There are plenty of intriguing reasons why you should be investing in commercial vehicle advertising as a small business owner. In the following paragraphs, we will list the top five reasons why you should be doing so.

The Versatility of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

According to a report, commercial vehicle wraps play an all-around role in a business’s advertising strategy. A fleet of consistently wrapped vehicles leaves a lasting impression on people’s memories. It makes your company easily recognizable over a period of time. It allows your message to be seen and heard wherever your vehicle travels. Moreover, these vehicles will act as moving business cards because people interested in your brand can easily take down your business details, which can help you get more customers. So, commercial vehicle wraps play a versatile role. They serve as excellent branding tools while also playing a sales and marketing role.

The Global Vehicle Wrapping Market is Expanding

All the signs are pointing in the right direction regarding the global vehicle wrapping market. According to Transparency Market Research, the global vehicle wrapping market is expected to expand and grow by 12.65% in 10 years from 2021 to 2031. This means that there will be more commercial applications for vehicle wrapping in the current decade. Furthermore, the same report also estimates that the volume of wrap units sold will be close to 27 million at the end of 2031. Such positive factors should instill enthusiasm and open our eyes to the massive opportunity in commercial use of the wraps!

The Affordability of Advertising Through Vehicle Wrapping

According to 3M’s Fleet and Vehicle Graphics Guide, the advertising cost per thousand (CPM) of fleet graphics or vehicle wraps is the lowest in comparison to other forms of advertising. The CPM of vehicle wraps stands at a meager $0.48! To put it into perspective, the CPM of television, magazines, and newspapers stood at $23.70, $21.46, and $19.70. The annual average CPM of other forms of outdoor advertising stood at $3.56. As a small business owner, you should be investing in advertising media that provide the best return on your investment, and it looks like vehicle wraps have a terrific advantage regarding their overall affordability.

What if I Need More Vehicles?

Some small businesses might want to invest in vehicle wrapping for commercial ends but need a fleet of vehicles. Our answer to them is to not worry so much about that. First, wrap your existing vehicles, even if you have just one vehicle. In time, when your business grows, you can have more vehicles. Alternatively, you can decide not to have more vehicles and offer to get other people’s cars wrapped with your company’s brand identity for advertising. You can then pay these people a monthly fee for driving their vehicles around with your brand’s identity, as mentioned at Yahoo Finance.

Small Businesses Underutilize Vehicle Wraps

As the study cited above shows, 46% of small businesses do not use their vehicles for advertising. If you discount those who attached magnetic signs to their vehicles for advertising purposes, then the number creeps up to around 74%. The statistics indicate that despite the fantastic benefits of commercial vehicle wrapping, small business owners aren’t as quick to adopt it for advertising, leaving quite a bit of potential for other businesses to exploit. So, if you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you will get your vehicles wrapped and have them advertise your brand all over town.

Interested in Commercial Vehicle Wrapping in Frederick, MD

After reading these reasons, it becomes clear that a small business should put some resources towards commercial vehicle wrapping for advertising purposes. It will help their business grow and make it easier for people to remember your brand. Hence, if you are considering having your vehicles wrapped for commercial use, then AMI Signs has got you covered.
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