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    Vehicle Graphics 101/ Food Truck Graphics 101

    Vehicle graphics are a cost-effective and way to advertise your company and elevate your brand 24/7. Whether you are delivering products, traveling to an appointment ferrying staff and clients to the airport, your company vehicles can become a billboard on wheels.


    In order to create the best and most captivating vehicle graphics, it’s important to consider the following factors:

    • Vehicle graphics shouldn’t detract from the business message.
    • Graphics should reflect your business image.
    • Graphics used should match the color and shape of your vehicle.
    • The text used should be easily readable

    When considering your vehicle graphics, there are a few options to consider:

    • Spot Graphics: Logo, phone number, basic messaging on doors and bumper
    • Partial Wrap: You cover only the most strategic and visible parts of your car
    • Full Wrap: Covers the majority of your vehicle, including the windows

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    How to make your Food Truck Stand Out


    You may have noticed that the food truck is becoming an incredibly popular dining option in the US. Novice and experienced chefs and restaurateurs are turning to the food truck because of its lower overhead cost when compared to brick-and-mortar establishments. As the popularity of these trucks increases, so does the competition. This means that if you have a food truck, you need to be doing everything to stand out and succeed. A vehicle wrap by AMI Signs is just the thing to help you with that.


    A Professional Image

    One of the first things that a vehicle wrap will do for your food truck is make sure people see you as a professional. Your truck may offer some of the finest cuisine in the area, but many people still think of food trucks as a sub-par but convenient dining option for lunch at the office. A vehicle wrap can show people that your truck is not the same as the dirty white lunch truck that would be parked outside of their job site or office. A vehicle wrap will give your truck a sleek, uniform look that will grab attention.

    Grab Attention

    Another great reason to invest in a vehicle wrap for your food truck is the fact that is gives you space to advertise your business. Your food truck can be more than just a mobile kitchen. It can also be a mobile billboard that advertises itself. You can include images and phrases that grab attention and show off the dishes that you want to sell or those that sell best. This means you can get people interested in your food before they even try it.

    Build Your Brand

    Your vehicle wrap will also make your food truck more memorable. A memorable wrap will help people remember their experience with your service and your food. That means that as people seek out something to eat, your food truck may come to mind. Or the minute they see your truck they’ll know they can get food and good service there. The same can be said if you expand and decide to buy another truck. By using the same wrap on your other trucks, you can be sure that your reputation carries over to your new venture.


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