“Would you like to try our new dessert?“
This is a classic upselling question used by most fast food employees to move scrumptious products. Also known as cross selling, upselling is a technique that involves taking a shopper from a standard product to a similar one with increased features. It is not only applied in fast food joints; retailers are always looking for opportunities to introduce high-end items that are more suitable to purchase.

Importance of Upselling

Successful upselling increases profit and revenue. For sales departments and sales associates that are expected to meet specific quotas, upselling will help achieve the set goals. In addition, if done correctly, upselling can greatly improve customers’ relationship.

When the employees know how to get the right information from the customers, they are able to recommend an item that will deliver better results, make life more convenient and have better results. Since customers are more satisfied with high quality products, upselling will not only increase profit but also customer satisfaction. Satisfaction in turn results loyalty, return sales and referrals.

How to Get Employees to Upsell

Most retail employees feel that upselling is a way to force customers to purchase a more expensive item than they need. As a result, they prefer to sell exactly what a customer requests and not take time to upsell. Here are some effective techniques you can take to get retail employees to upsell:

  • Identify features that will excite a specific customer.
  • Determine the best device to sell up.
  • Understand how to set up a personalized and clear value proposition for the prospective customer.

Product training also helps the sales team to understand the best approach for each situation. For example, it may be better to recommend the purchase Bluetooth speaker to go along with a value priced device rather than selling up techniques for a budget minded customer.

Mystery Shopper Approach

In this approach, you begin with encouraging the employees to upsell, then send a mystery shopper. If an employee upsells, you award him with a bonus on the spot. If they fail to upsell, send a note informing them that they just missed out on the bonus. This will not only ensure that employees upsell but also create excitement around upselling.

Upselling Dos and Dont’s

There are plenty of upselling techniques available. Some key phrases such as: „Would you like anything else?“ will end a multi-item sale with a whimper instead of a bang. Such a statement is proactive and does not put the salesperson in control. Instead, a salesperson should use phrases such as:

  • „We have got something even better to show you.“
  • „Let us take a look at this product that will go well with your item.“
  • „Here are a few things that will help you take care and better operate your new product.“

These are statements, and not questions. If the customer is not interested, don’t push, but you should not fail to show the product because the customer failed to ask for it.

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