A POS (point of sale) sign is an exceptional way of attracting the attention of potential customers to your business’ services or products. It’s one of the most effective tools for marketing.

Are you aware that up to 75% of purchase decisions are arrived at in retail stores? For this reason, if you install POS signs in your business, they can influence customers to buy goods or services that they had no intention of purchasing when they first walked in.

What are the benefits of having a point of sale displays in your business? This article provides answers to the question.

The Benefits of POS Signage

  1. A POS display can enable communication with customers when staff members are, for one reason or another, unavailable to do so. Situations may arise when members of staff are inadequate or are busy attending to other customers. Communicate with customers through POS signage – from a simple greeting at the entrance to informing them about latest offers.
  2. It can help guide clients around the business. Let your customers know where to find the changing room, washroom, till points and customer service area, among other places. Help visitors know where to find the places they’re looking for without necessarily asking employees.
  3. Encourage potential customers to come into your business by giving promotions through offers or special selling points. A strategically-placed POS display can play an influential role in enticing customers to purchase goods or services from you. Additionally, you can promote the goods or services further inside the store without necessarily lifting a finger.
  4. A point of sale sign can facilitate individual and exclusive branding, thus enabling your business stand out from competitors. If your store is one of several other stores lined up in a row, and you’d like customers to visit yours rather than buy from competitors, just make use of POS signage.
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International Best Practices For POS Signage

In order to attract customers and make them spend considerable amounts of money on your business’s services or products, ensure that POS signs installed in your enterprise are:

Bold: A brightly colored and boldly-designed display can easily attract clients’ eyes. Make use of large fonts that are proportionate to your service/ product’s theme.

Display benefits: Inform clients what benefits they will enjoy by choosing your service or product. It creates desire inside them.

Add value: Avail a coupon that can be torn and used immediately or at a later date with the objective of promoting certain products and your business as a whole.

Show your product while in use: You can display images of customers happily enjoying your company’s product or service. Alternatively, you can illustrate how the product ought to be used.

Include graphs and charts: Consider placing your product against competitors’ products, and use charts and graphs to illustrate how yours is better, more popular, and more affordable than those sold by competitors.

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Get Your POS Sign Today

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