Every smart retailer knows that to attract customers and drive sales, one needs to get noticed. Using quality signage is an effective and easy way to communicate with your customers and drive foot traffic to your retail store. Retail signage should not be an afterthought since it is just as important as your retail store website.

Selling with signs can redirect from sabotage to retail sales success. Here are four crucial types of signage you should use in your retail store.

1. Persuasive Signs

Persuasive signs have the power to influence your customer’s behavior through attractive imagery and convincing language. They can promote or advertise your products by improving interactivity with some unnoticed products in your retail store. Persuasive signage influences customer flow and allows the retailer to communicate specific details regarding new, seasonal or featured items. Persuasive signs should be witty and eye-catching but shouldn’t be the main attraction. Instead, they should draw the customers attention to the product.

2. Outdoor Signs

Exterior signage is probably the most important type of physical retail signage since it is the first impression potential customers have of your retail store. Outdoor signs should do more than simply announce your presence; they should also attract customers to your store and make them purchase something from you.

An effective outdoor sign can encourage customers who have previously passed your store to finally give it a try. Outdoor signage includes entrance signs, window graphics, sidewalk signs, ceiling and floor graphics.

3.Informational Signs

It is important to help your customers find their way around your retail store with ease by using informational signs which may include wayfinding, directional, departmental, and organizational signage. If customers find it easy to navigate around the store and find what they are looking for, they are more likely to trust that convenience in the future.

4. Disability Compliant Signs

All customers should feel welcome in your store, including those with disabilities. Your store should be accessible by way of entrances and exits, parking, cashier stations, elevators, and restrooms that will make disabled customers feel more comfortable. Offering all these accessible features without making them known, is doing a serious disservice to your customers. Ensure that you install the appropriate signage to allow disabled patrons move around your store with ease.

Retail Signage Tips

No matter the kind of signage you decide to use in your retail store, consider the following best practices:

  • Your message should be specific
  • Keep the message simple
  • Make use of a headline text
  • Use attractive colors and fonts
  • Include a call to action

Signs play a significant role in physical retail advertising hence they should be clear, concise, and attention grabbing.