wall graphics

Wall Graphics

For more creative space, Wall Graphics provide a lot of room to create aesthetic installations. Unlike other signs, wall graphics allow to more ambience and create larger scale branding in office space, retail spaces, and office buildings. Patrons will immediately have a high dose of your unique branding from the moment they enter the space.

Our graphics are highly customizable with many shapes, colors, messages, and sizes to choose from. If one image on a full wall is more than you are looking for, our in-house Graphic Design team can work with you by using smaller graphics throughout a wall, or can help choose only a few accents to set you apart.

For smaller spaces, lettering can go a long way. Our long list of fonts, colors, and additional small designs can clearly communicate your message while staying attractive and cohesive with your branding.


  • What are Wall Graphics made of and how are they made?
    Wall Graphics are made from vinyl that is very thin and flexible. On the back, which is applied to the wall, there is a special adhesive specifically engineered to adhere to walls and other smooth surfaces.The graphics are created by using a vinyl plotter or cutter. These machines cut into a sheet of colored vinyl in order in the design or logo being used. This is done by using a swivel knife, which moves back and forth to cut in the correct pattern. The knife knows where to cut by following plotted lines that are translated by the machine, similar to how an inkjet printer is told by the computer where to place color on a page when printing.

    After the machine has created the graphic by cutting the vinyl, the transfer tape is added to the back of the design.

  • What surfaces can Wall Graphics be applied to?
    Wall Graphics can be applied to many surfaces. The surface must be clean, smooth, and weather-resistant. For the best results, it is advised the surface is cleaned ahead of time and checked that it is free of dust, grease, and other contaminates.
  • Can I wash Wall Graphics after they have been applies?
    Yes! To best clean the Wall Graphics, it is recommended that a soft cloth or damp sponge be used with cool water. Cleaners may weaken the adhesive material. If the decal is on a window or mirror, try to avoid cleaners that have alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives.