Permitting and Installation

You don’t need to be a sign expert to get the best look for your brand. At AMI Signs, our installation experts will ensure the job is not only done on time, but that it is done well and to your specifications. We have experience working with local governing agencies to ensure everything is to the letter of the law to help ensure our customers never incur fines due to improper signage.

What We Handle

  • Permitting. We work with landlords and local permitting agencies to ensure your signage is legal. When the proper permits are not garnered prior to installation, fees and fines can quickly add up, costing a company more money than the sign was worth.
  • Installation. Our team of professionals looks at each job as a unique challenge. With the different types of storefronts, and the unique challenges in Monument Signs compared to Wall Graphics, we will work to make each project reach its potential.