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Monument and Architectural Signs

For business locations that are often difficult for motorists to find, Monument and Architectural signs could be the solution to happier patrons. These signs work both as a method of marketing to passersby while serving as a wayfinding sign for those looking for the building. These signs are particularly useful for entrances that lead to longer roads to get to the building, but have other practical uses as well.

Our signage comes with a freestanding option, which allows customers to choose anywhere on the property for their custom-made product. Most often, our customers choose a space in their landscaping to have the most aesthetic appeal. However, for locations that have less landscaping to work with, our team will help them choose the best solution for their space.

Typically, customers choose brick, mortar, or rebar constructions, or our lower cost options in pre-formed foam monuments. However, we also offer newer options in metal on metal and acrylic on a metal cabinet for a sleek, modern look.

Benefits of Monument and Architectural Signs

  • With all the options in design for Monument and Architectural signs, you can create a unique look that will grab attention to fit your budget and branding needs. A monument sign has two parts: the masonry component and the signage component. Our customers have the option to match the masonry component to their building while retaining all their options in signage design.
  • Budget friendly. Since monument signs are so large, companies may assume they cannot afford one for their building. However, with our options in sizes and materials, our team can help you choose a sign that will offer wayfinding for your patrons without breaking the bank.
  • Illumination options. Monument signs can achieve different looks simply by choosing the right lighting for your sign. Our in-house Graphic Design team has experience working with our products and can help you decide whether an illuminated or non-illuminated sign will work best for your location and budget.