Lobby Logo Sign - Qantas Club

Lobby Logo Signs

Establishing a relationship with a new client starts the moment they walk into your building. Make a statement with a well-crafted and tailor-made lobby sign that will not only let visitors know they have reached the right location, but will communicate your brand. At AMI Signs, we understand how to toe the line between good design and brand communication.

Starting with the right colors helps to stand out amongst the competition. When a visitor walks in, they should have a keen sense of the design elements that are attached to your brand.

Good Design

Having a good design doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping to a few basic principles will help keep your marketing efforts on target.

  • Colors. The colors in your lobby logo sign should reflect your brand’s colors. If your main brand color is orange, that color should be used in your sign. Our signs have customization options to get the exact color of your brand.
  • Logo. As the name suggests, you should use your logo in your lobby logo sign. Keeping it simple will go a long way in creating an eye-catching design. Adding more graphics could overwhelm the on-looker and take away from your investment.
  • Customized Shape. With our options in customization, you can design your lobby sign in any shape of your choosing. This opens the options in creating unique signage to meet your needs.