LED Signs - Reader Board Signs

LED Readerboard Signs

For businesses with long or changing messages, finding the right solution in signage can be difficult. Rather than trying to make multiple signs regularly, we can help create custom LED Readerboard signs to fit your needs. As an added benefit, these signs also better grab the attention of pedestrians and motorists while providing important information about your business.

LED Readerboard signs are often used at schools and municipal buildings, but there are many other applications for the signage. Our signs use a static installation that uses an LED panel that can be easily programmed with new information as often as necessary. The signs also come with graphics and animations for an even bigger impact.

Our customers have utilized these signs for everything from news to events and updates, making for an easy way to communicate important information to passersby.

  • Wayfinding signs. Programmable LED Readerboard signs are a perfect way to help navigate a large and changing office space or event location. With the graphics and text options, it is easy to direct patrons to the correct location while having the option to update as things move around.
  • Many transportation companies are now using readerboard signs to help their customers navigate the system. These can be used for public transportation but can also be used for parking lots and other ways motorists get to your business. The signs can help them find their way around or give important updates, such as special event parking.
  • Indoor message displays. Our team can help design a custom indoor messaging system for any need. This is a great option for schools or churches that have multiple teams use the same rooms, or to update church-goers and parents with important events or news. Animations and graphics can be added to better grab their attention.