Etched Plaques Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Bronze

Chemically¬†Etch is a process that uses acid to carve out graphics in metal. Once the graphics are etched and are recessed they’re paint filled. The whole plaque gets a protective coat of lacquer.

There are Chemically Etched Aluminum Plaques as well as Stainless Steel, Brass, and Bronze.

The type of graphics you can get on these plaques is only limited by one’s imagination and by the color separation requirement. A recessed area can be paint filled only one color, but you may use multiple colors on a plaque as long as graphics have a little separation. It’s not a big deal in the vast majority of cases. As always AMI Signs will provide you with a proof anyway.

Other design elements to consider are the metal finish and the coat finish. The metal faces could have a brushed or polished finished. The protective coat could be flat, semi-gloss or glossy.

Check out our gallery to get inspired and to see samples.

The turnaround on these chemically etched plaques is about 15-20 working days. Send a request for quote below to get your project started.