Channel Letter Hero - Aruba Sign

Channel Letter

If you have more of a clean-cut look in your brand, Channel Letters could be the solution you are looking for. Unlike other signs, these can simply use just the letters of your brand and communication your name without the extra design. If you have a logo you want to add, we can help. At AMI Signs, we have worked with a plethora of different Channel Letter signs that keep things simple and clean while also remaining eye-catching and dynamic.

Options to Make an Impact

  • Font Selection. In these signs, the font choice is one of the most important aspects. Choosing a font that is associated with your brand is key, but it is also important to ensure it is easy to read from far away. A good rule of thumb is to use the same font as is on your website, as it will have a similar readability as opposed to fonts best read on printed pages.
  • Color Choice. The colors you choose should be directly correlated to your overall brand design. Having unrelated colors may communicate that it is not the same brand as the other parts of your marketing efforts.
  • Lighting. With three different options in illumination, you can make your Channel Letters specific to your store front. We offer options in front-lit, back-lit, and both front and back lit letters to get the look you envisioned.