HTS Holding Corp Sandblasted Sign

Carved and Sandblasted

For businesses that want to achieve a more elegant and old-fashioned look, it can be difficult to find the right product to suit your needs. Many businesses have even more issues getting the rustic look while adhering to local zoning regulations for signage under their local governing body. Our Carved and Sandblasted signs have the vintage feel that achieves the desired look while keeping local regulations in mind.

Our signs give our clients creative control over the look and feel by combining a three-dimensional component with texturing. The signs are created by taking a computer-generated file that is created by our in-house team using your graphics and branding specifications then put into a specialized application. This application programs for the router, choosing which groove styles and other important factors are used to create your one-of-a-kind design. By using different methods of grooves, each result is tailor-made for your brand.

  • Carved Signs. In a carved sign, the design is indented into the material using grooves. This is perfect for a more rustic look, as the letters and design work are essentially carved into the wood. Often, the background and letters or logos are painted on to add additional contrast to the sign.
  • Sandblasted Signs. For customers looking to have the appeal of 3D design, Sandblasted Signs provide a lot of eye-catching solutions to fit your branding. These signs are created by exposing the negative areas around the graphics and lettering to air and sand. This creates a cohesive and clean result.