Neon lights have become popular for businesses of all types to use outside and inside of their stores. These bright signs are made by filling a tube with neon, hydrogen, helium, or other types of gasses. The color of the light varies depending on the type of gas used. Once electricity hits these gasses, the result is a bright, shining light. Also, these tubes can be shaped to make any type of wording or lettering you prefer, making them a great tool for catching customer’s attention.

Besides their appeal and increased popularity, there are some additional benefits to lighting up your business with neon signs.


Neon lights project further than regular lights so your business will be visible to customers that are at a far distance. This makes them perfect for all businesses, particularly night time or 24/7 businesses. Emergency services use neon lighting because of its high visibility. First-time customers will be able to find your business easily and customers that weren’t headed your way will be more likely to visit if they notice your business is there.


Neon lights and signs can last a very long time, ten years or more. This will prevent businesses from having to replace bulbs often since a standard bulb only lasts about six months to a year.

Neon signs don’t fail. When they do, it’s usually an electrical issue, not an issue with the neon light itself. Because they last so long, neon lights require minimum maintenance, something all businesses can benefit from so they can focus more on their products and customers.

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Low Energy

As mentioned above, the light made by neon signs is produced from the contact of gas and electricity. It means that neon lights use less energy than regular lights, meaning they are more energy efficient. On average, a business can experience energy savings as high as fifty percent or more from using neon lights.

Flexibility in Operating Range

Neon lights are flexible in the colors they come in, in the way they can be shaped, but also in the way they operate. Unlike traditional lights, neon lights can operate on high or low voltage. This gives more flexibility as to where to place these signs since they won’t require a new power source.

Light Up Your Business with AMI Signs

Besides promoting your business and saving you money, neon lights look wicked cool. If you are looking for a provider of neon lights, AMI Signs can help you. Call us today.