Window Film

Window Film application is a great investment for your office space or conference room areas. Whether you’re looking to increase privacy or improve the office decor, window film offers endless possibilities to enhance your working environment.

Frosted or Etched Glass window film provides an upscale look and offers great versatility, enabling you to highlight your company brand, show off your new logo, or simply improve the look of your office. The designs are only limited by one’s imagination.

Businesses can maintain an open office feel, to encourage teamwork and creativity, while giving employees the privacy they need to get their job done.

Our team can help customize our Window Privacy Film to display your logo or keep it sleek with simple designs.

  • Easy to apply.We send our team out after manufacturing the film, but the simple installation means you can expect your project to be finished quickly and without a hitch. Removing the film is also simple and will leave your glass untarnished, leaving the option to change your design later.
  • Colors to choose from.While the frosted look is the most popular, it is not your only option. Our Window Privacy Film can add more color to a drab office and keep your office even more consistent with your branding. This is a great way to have the more modern look without sacrificing color.
  • Our in-house Graphic Design team can help you find designs to pop in your office. We offer elegant looks with our various textures, along with options in stained glass finishes and writable surfaces. Our product will help to make your office completely customizable for your business’s unique needs.

Explore our various choices above to learn more or send us a request for quote below to get an estimate.