So, you’re considering investing in wall graphics.


Regardless of whether you intend to use them in your office or home, they’re a smart addition to any business. Designed to be beautiful, temporary, and sharp, wall graphics are a smart, budget-friendly solution to the problem of signage in modern buildings.


For them to look as nice as possible, though, you’ve got to get your images right.


This is especially true for logos since they’re typically complex and detailed. By ensuring you’re selecting the right resolution and format for the logo in your custom wall graphic, you can enjoy a beautiful finished product that looks great in action.

Which Resolutions are Ideal?


When it comes to printing your wall graphics, you want to be sure that the file you’re providing is high-resolution enough to translate into a clear, crisp final image. As a general rule, wall-sized graphics and large banners should be about 75 PPI. Keep in mind, though, that the exact PPI requirements for your banner will vary, and that it’s smart to ensure you consult with your printing professional before finishing the project.


Which File Formats are Ideal?


Once you’ve hammered out the question of file size, it’s time to consider file format. As you likely know, images come in a wide selection of file formats, from PDFs to JPGs and beyond. For printing purposes, however, paying attention to file format is essential.


Today, most printing professionals have file formats they prefer to work with. Generally, this is either a PDF or Vector file format. This ensures that the final quality of the product is defined only by the output capability of the printing device, rather than the quality of the file that was initially delivered.


Again, consult with your printing professional if you have any questions about his or her file format of choice. They may request a single file format or an assortment depending on their printing process and requirements.

Better Wall Graphics Start Here


When it comes to wall graphics, you want nothing but the best. Known for our commitment to quality and attentiveness to detail, AMI Signs promises to provide crisp, on-brand wall graphics every time. While it’s true that printing your wall graphics can be time-consuming and difficult, we work with you to ensure that everything from your file size to its format line up to create the best finished product possible.


To learn more about our wall graphic printing process, find out how we get started or commission your custom wall graphic today, give our team a call. We’re standing by to answer your questions and are always happy to go the extra mile to be sure you’re happy and satisfied with your company’s new wall graphics.