Canopies, or pop-up tents, are a great promotional product to transform an otherwise unmarked (and unbranded) space into an accessible, portable version of your business. They are durable, fully customizable, and an easy way to generate name recognition for your company or product.

And yet, many of our customers don’t know that we produce pop-up tents… or the benefits they bring in branding! So, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about pop-up tents by sharing the five most common misconceptions we hear.

1) “Canopies tents come in just one size, right?”

In most pictures that you see on the internet, canopy tents are presented in one standard size. Does that mean they’re all the same? Nope!

Like many other promotional products, canopy tents are customizable. They can be found in many different sizes and materials… so consider your canopy tents purpose and purchase one that fits your needs. The most common sizes we sell are 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, and 10’ x 20’.

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2)“I’m buying this tent as protection from the rain.”

Tents are typically water resistant, but not all are waterproof! So, if you’re expecting a downpour, make sure you invest in a tent that will keep you dry. Often tents come in a thick fabric that will absorb water, called 600D polyester. If that’s the case for your tent, you can get it treated with a waterproof coating for extra protection. And if you are caught in the rain, no matter your tent’s water resistance, always remember to avoid pooling water across the roof so no stretching or damages happen!

3)“Pop-up tents are only for outdoor events.”

While they’re great for sporting events and outdoor activities, canopies can be used indoors as well! Add a few branded flags and there is no better way to attract potential customers at a tradeshow. Tents act as a central location where interested customers can find you and the services you provide. We also offer event backdrops and table covers, so you can be fully branded at your next indoor marketing event!

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4) “I don’t have to clean my tent.” 

Canopy tents are low maintenance, and if kept well and without moisture, it can take long before they get dirty. Still, it’s recommended to gently clean your tent to protect any coating or printed graphics. Typically, spot cleaning with soap and water will do.

Always remember to lay your tent out to dry before putting it away. Exposing the tent to moisture and not properly drying it may lead to mildew or the development of dark spots that are hard to remove. We recommend properly storing your tent in between uses in order to protect it!

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5)“I can’t purchase a tent with my logo printed on it, can I?”

YES! Tents not only can be purchased in specific brand colors, they can get long lasting, full color graphics to rep your business.

At AMI Signs we offer digital printing on all visible sides of your pop-up tent. We will work with you to design and create a customized canopy tent that reflects your brand and attracts attention. You’ll be drawing crowds at fairs, festivals, and trade shows in no time!

Our dedicated customer success program ensures your branding will always hit the mark. If you have any questions about our services, reach out at 301-682-2349 or