Signage is the ultimate tool for getting attention for your business or property. At the same time, you must avoid some common signage mistakes that draw attention in the wrong way.

Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

Wrong Fonts.

One of the biggest mistakes is definitely the usage of the wrong fonts. The letters written in strange fonts are hard to read and understand. That is why you should choose simple fonts of adequate size and color. It will be much easier for people to comprehend the message you want to send. Each letter matters if you want to be precise and clear. 

Difficult Spacing. 

Here, you’ll need some help from the professionals. Certain letters need different spacing if you want to create the whole picture. The letters that are close to each other are the ones that require the special approach. Some types of spacing are necessary here and the right combination of spacing options is crucial. 

Hard Contrast. 

Just like with other signage rules, there is one thing that is crucial here – to make it clear. By using the right contrast, your message should be easy to read. It matters a lot what is behind the letters and how the background corresponds to the front letters. To achieve this positive contrast, you need an eye for details. Experimenting with different elements will make you closer to the right solution. 

Distracting Colors. 

It is not all about flashy colors. The sign has to be visible, but not irritating. It’s important to differentiate between the background of the sign and the message. For example, business corporations require classical approach with more “business colors” like blue and green. At the same time, they want classical fonts and simple lines. In order to achieve the standard, you must know your client and the main message. 

Need Professional Help?

As you can see, these are common signage mistakes that cause major confusion among the people. We all want the signs to convey our thoughts in the right way. That is where the help of a good company is critical.

AMI Signs is your best choice. We have a team of real professionals who know how to meet the needs of all clients. It matters who you work with and we know that very well. That is why we provide excellence in signage business. Contact us and learn how to avoid mistakes in order to produce quality products.