At AMI Signs, we know a thing or two about good signage. The key to a successful sign can be summed up in 2 words: Maximum Visibility. 

Your sign needs to catch the attention of the largest audience possible. And as the title to this blog hints… one of the best ways to turn heads is illumination.

Get Seen… Even in the Dark

The first major benefit of illuminated signage is the obvious one: your sign can be read at night. It’ll give you the opportunity to reach a market you may otherwise not be able to target. During the day, people will be able to see your signs regardless… but only illuminated signs can be seen at night. That means you get twice the amount of exposure, especially in winter months when it gets darker earlier. As 5 o’clock rolls around, it’ll be your sign shining in the distance, prompting people to stop on their way home from work.

Let’s get into the technical side of things… You know you want your sign to light up, but what type of sign should you purchase? Here are some of the illuminated signs we love to produce.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

Unnamed 2

Front-lit channel letter signs are one of the most popular illuminated sign options. Think BOLD and EYE CATCHING. The 3-dimensional letters have internal LED lights: during the daytime, the surface looks opaque… at night, however, the lights shine bright through the acrylic! 

Check out Winsupply of Frederick above: their channel letters are black during the day (great for contrast) but glow white at night!

Halo Lit Signage

Now these signs GLOW. Instead of your letters and logo being illuminated from within, like the front-lit channel letters above, these are illuminated from behind. The letters block the light, so the LEDs create a glowing halo effect that’s high contrast and modern!

Unnamed 1

Cabinet Signs

If you’re looking for versatility, a cabinet sign is your answer! Cabinet signs, or lightboxes, are typically a rectangle structure with internal LED lights. 

Cabinet signs are fully customizable and can illuminate multi-colored graphics and high-detailed images. The acrylic face of the cabinet sign gets wrapped in translucent vinyl that allows light to shine through while the sign remains detailed and vibrant!

Neon Signs

LED lights have taken over the illuminated sign market. It’s not much of a surprise – they typically use less energy, are more economical, and are easy to replace. But in a world full of LED lights, the neon sign is making a comeback. For those who want to differ from the in-crowd, the classic, neon tubes provide a nostalgic warm light and retro vibe. Got that vintage aesthetic? Neon signs are a great option, indoors and out.

Img 2544

Invest in Illumination

Illuminated signs turn heads. The eye is drawn to a bright display, and your sign glowing in the dark will grab attention. Invest in illumination and get your message seen. No matter the weather or time of day, your office or storefront will appear professional, stand out from the crowd, and take your branding to the next level. 

We know hiring a sign company can feel like a leap of faith. At AMI Signs, we prioritize customer communication, so you’re always in the loop and your sign always hits the mark. So when your message deserves to be seen, call AMI Signs: a different type of sign company.