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    Benefits of Illuminated Signage

    One of the first rules of good signage is maximum visibility. You want to make sure that you’re reaching the widest audience possible with your signs. That means your signs have to be seen by people as often as possible. One of the best ways to increase visibility is with illuminated signs. We have a number of illuminated signage options at AMI Signs that can help get you noticed at any hour of the day.

    Illuminated sign in Frederick MD

    Maximum Exposure

    One of the first benefits of illuminated signage is the obvious one; illumination means your sign can be read at night. Illuminated signs give you the opportunity to grow your business by reaching a market you may not have otherwise been able to target. During the day, people will be able to see your signs regardless, but only illuminated signs are seen at night. That means you get twice the amount of exposure you would normally have during a full day. Illuminated signs are a great benefit, especially as the days get shorter. Soon, people will be driving home from work in the dark, so investing in an illuminated sign makes sense for any business.

    Better Visibility

    Another great benefit of illuminated signs is the fact that they’re also highly visible in bad weather. An illuminated sign can be easily seen on a dark stormy day or through a fog or snow storm. That means that when people need to find your business in these types of situations they can and won’t struggle while they do.

    Grab Attention

    Illuminated signs also get more people looking at your business. An illuminated sign will grab the attention of a passerby more easily than other types of signage. The eye is drawn to a bright display and illuminated signs are definitely bright. Illuminated signs make sure that your business signage is seen over a longer distance too, so people will be able to find your business easily, making them a great way-finding tool. This is a great combination for ensuring that your business gets noticed and that your clients and customers continue to return to you for their needs.

    Illuminated signs in Frederick MD

    Signs for You

    If you’re interested in illuminated signage, contact our team today to discuss your options!