Attracting diners to your restaurant is an uphill task. It’s a short time frame between them reading your restaurant sign and deciding whether they will eat there or not. You need to know exactly how to capitalize on those precious seconds by adding glamour to your restaurant signs.

The following are some insightful tips on how to attract clients to your restaurant and ultimately win them over:


Your restaurant signs should be visible to people at all times. You have many options available, like neon signs, roadside signs, sidewalk signs, business logos, patio easels, etc. This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • The sign of your restaurant should be large and tall so that everybody can see it, whether they’re driving or walking by.
  • Consider also alternative views. Restaurants at busy roadside areas should have signs at an eye-level, sidewalk signs can adopt an A-frame, etc.
  • Make use of the available space. Restaurants with fronts that can’t accommodate signage can make use of colorful markers on their windows, place iconic/memorable objects at their front, paint0 entrance steps, etc.
  • Allow your products to do the talking by using window space for the advertisement of meals being prepared. 
  • Attract clients to your restaurant with moving signs, i.e., action and animation. There are programmable signs which indicate scrolling messages, lighted signs with various modes, and hanging porch signs.
  • Advertise night and day. Invest in lighted signs that advertise your restaurant even at night. A good example is LED lights.
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The text on your restaurant signs should be savory, simple, and short. This can be achieved as follows:

  • Incorporate some humor as it’s a good way of attracting diners. There is an array of comedy you can use regardless of whether it is a bit cheesy, food-pun related or it is self-deprecating.
  • Use words sparingly. The industry has placed the average time for reading billboards at 6 seconds. This is why your restaurant sign/message should be within 10 words to be effective.
  • Aim to use sentimental text in your restaurant signage because nostalgia always wins. 
  • Use social media; place a tag on your sign so that customers can check out the restaurant via their smartphones. 
  • Purchase an adaptable sign that allows your restaurant to stay fresh and current by simply erasing and changing the sign. 
  • Post an outdoor menu that’s easy to read; it should be free standing and in an ideal location.
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