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    Five Misconceptions About Canopies or Pop Up Tents

    Before you buy and use a canopy or pop up tent, here are five misconceptions about them that you should know:

    1. All canopy tents are of the same size

    In most pictures that you see on the net, canopy tents are presented in a medium size. Does that mean they are all medium? No. Like any other equipment, canopy tents come in different sizes. You can avoid that mistake most people make by first checking the size of a canopy tent you need.

    1. All canopy tents are waterproof

    All pop up tents are water resistant but not all are waterproof. So if you expect downpours, it is good to take shelter somewhere else, unless you are using one made of Vitabri. At all times, avoid pooling of water across the tent as that can stretch or damage the trusses.

    1. The canopy tent doesn’t need to be cleaned

    Canopy tents are made of plastic and most people will assume that they don’t need cleaning. Although, if kept well and without moisture, it can take long before they get dirty. Avoid exposing the tent to moisture because it may lead to the development of dark spots which are hard to remove. 

    1. You can be affected by smoke while in a canopy tent

    Before we talk about smoke in a canopy tent, you need to understand that you aren’t allowed to have an open fire under it. Due to a lack of a chimney, the smoke will accumulate and end up causing respiratory problems. Thus it is good to avoid any smoke-emitting equipment near a pop-up tent.

    1. Canopies or pop up tents are for outdoor activities alone

    Yes, canopies or pop up tents can be used indoors. At indoor events, the tents act as a central location where people and clients can find you and the services you provide. Their colors and their amazing appearance attract the eyes of the potential customers.

    AMI Signs

    Pop-up tents are cost effective and they are one of the best ways of advertising your product or company. These tents are tough, durable, and you can customize them the way you want. For instance, you can add panel ads with custom colors that match your brand.

    At AMI Signs, we provide amazing service that can help you customize your pop-up tent. If you have any question or observation about our service, just contact us and our ever-ready customer care team will help you.